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[Egyptian] Arabic

La = No!

Yah himar = You donkey/ass!~~Said by Warden Hassan

Wokof andat! = Stop right there!~~Said by Warden Hassan

Hassib = Careful~~Said by Dr. Chamerlain and some of the diggers

Sahl = Easy [does it]~~Said by Dr. Chamberlain

Bishweesh = Slowly~~Said by Dr. Chamberlain

Inta, inta = You, you~~Said by Dr. Chamberlain

Yallah! = Let's go!; we go in the name of allah~~Said by Ardeth

Imshi! = Let's go! [A term employed by males, never by females]~~Said by Ardeth


Vas-y! Vas-y! = Come on!

Mon Dieu! = My God!

Allez-y! = Let's go!

Prenez vos positions! = Take your positions!~~Said by Rick O'Connell

Assistez-moi! =Help me!

Aidez-moi! = Aide me!

Ancient Egyptian

'ari ten akh 'ai-a? = What are you doing here? [Literally: Doing you what are here?~~Said by Seti

[Yah] ten mi ,teken? = Who has touched you? [Literally: You who touched?]~~Said by Seti

Imhotep, ai sem! = Imhotep, my priest!~~Said by Seti

[Y]anuck ten-hu = I thank you [Literally: I, myself you thank]~~Said by Imhotep to Evelyn

Pa-ut u-a 'at, = Death is only the beginning [Literally: Beginning only death]~~Said by Imhotep

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