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أهلا وسهلا Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Mumia Chronica, aka The Mummy Chronicles! Here curious explorers, adventurers, treasure-seekers, and gun-fighters alike can view page upon page of anything and everything for which a fan of the Mummy movies could ask.

Navigation is simple: it will appear on every page at the top, which will start with "Home," then "Synopsis," and so on. This will appear just below the site name.

Having been a fan of Egyptology since the early '90s and a fan of the Mummy movies since 1999, when first The Mummy came out, I decided to bring my passion to the web and share it with other Mummy movie fans.  Hopefully, what appears here satisfies your inquiries and curiosities about these films.  If not, all one has to do is contact me with suggestions and comments.

With that said and with your mouse as your guide, I welcome you to click away and discover the treasures of the Mummy movies.

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