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Doll Maker

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[..:::|| Bodies ||:::..]
Peach Body Body Painted Gold

[..:::|| Full Bodies ||:::..]
Peach Body Painted with Black Designs Body Painted Gold and Black Designs Evelyn's Black Egyptian Gown with Jewelry and No Boots Evelyn's Black Egyptian Gown with Jewelry and Boots

[..:::|| Dresses|Gowns|Skirts ||:::..]
Burgundy Dress Black Dress Olive Dress Cream Dress Pink Dress White Dress Beige Dress Black Night Gown White Night Gown Anucksunamun's Funeral Gown Dark Grey Egyptian Gown Pink Egyptian Gown White Egyptian Gown Beige Egyptian Gown Olive Egyptian Gown Evelyn's Black Egyptian Gown with Boots Evelyn's Black Egyptian Gown without Boots Dark Grey Egyptian Gown with Pleats Olive Egyptian Gown with Pleats Beige Egyptian Gown with Pleats Pink Egyptian Gown with Pleats White Egyptian Gown with Pleats Grey Egyptian Gown with Pleats Black Egyptian Gown with Pleats Black Egyptian Gown

[..:::|| Tops|Shirts|Blouses ||:::..]
Grey Ribbed Long Sleeve Plain Light Blue Long Sleeve Plain Pink Long Sleeve Plain Light Blue Rolled Sleeve Plain Pink Rolled Sleeve Plain Light Grey Long Sleeve Plain White Rolled Sleeve Grey Ribbed Rolled Sleeve White Striped Rolled Sleeve White Striped Long Sleeve

[.:::|| Jackets|Blazers|Coats|Cloaks ||:::..]
Black Jacket Burgundy Jacket Olive Jacket Cream Jacket White Jacket Beige Jacket

[..:::|| Heads ||:::..]
Evelyn with Long Hair Evelyn with Bun Evelyn as Nefertiri Anucksunamun or Nefertiri without Make-up Anucksunamun or Nefertiri with Make-up Anucksunamun with Make-up and Gold Paint

[..:::|| Shoes ||:::..]
Cream and Burgundy Dark and Light Burgundy Dark and Light Grey Black and Dark Grey Dark and Light Blue

[..:::|| Jewelry ||:::..]
Evelyn's Librarian Earrings Gold Armlets, Bracelets, and Anklets Copper Armlets, Bracelets, and Anklets Silver Armlets, Bracelets, and Anklets Anucksunamun's Beaded Hair Accessory Evelyn's Locket, Short Chain Evelyn's Locket, Long Chain Evelyn's Locket, Medium Chain Evelyn's Egyptian Gown Jewelry

[..:::|| Accessories ||:::..]
Small Belt Evelyn's Horn Rimmed Glasses Anucksunamun's Black Body Paint Designs, without Armlets Anucksunamun's Black Body Paint Designs, for Armlets Olive Stockings Black Stockings Cream Stockings Pink Stockings White Stockings Burgundy Stockings Beige Stockings Burgundy Tie/Scarf Dark Grey Tie/Scarf Green Tie/Scarf Black Veil without Detail Black Veil with Flower Detail Beige Veil with Flower Detail Turquoise Veil with Flower Detail Blue Veil with Flower Detail Pink Veil with Flower Detail Olive Veil with Flower Detail

[..:::|| Props ||:::..]
Evelyn's White Cat Key to Hamunaptra Scarab the Book of the Dead the Book of the Living/Amun-Re Rat-on-a-stick Pile of Books Evelyn's Book:  Dwellers on the Nile Evelyn's Book Carrier/Purse

[..:::|| Backgrounds from The Mummy ||:::..]
Orange Desert Sandstorm Eclipse at Fort Brydon At the Casbah Hamunaptra Ruins at Day Hoard of Scarabs Hamunaptra Ruins at Night Compartment at Statue of Anubis Hamunaptran Portal Purple Desert Egyptian Mirror Hamunaptra Ruins Hieroglyphic Inscribed Wall Hamunaptra Treasure Trick Wall Library Entrance Bookshelves Hamunaptra Horizon Statue of Bastet Bedchamber Entrance Bedchamber Portal The End

[..:::|| Backgrounds from The Mummy Returns ||:::..]
British Museum Entrance Library of Alexandria Burning Mansion Staircase O'Connell Mansion Mansion Living Room Mansion Foyer the Ramesseum Cobwebs Egyptian Guardians Golden Entrance Ramesseum Scaffolding Ahm Shere Desert Thebes

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